Coaching & Supervision

Are you affected by Agility? As a Scrum Master or as an Agile Coach, you’re even responsible for making your organization more agile? Or as a project manager or employee, you’re suddenly supposed to be “agile”? Then let me help you!

Supervision for Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches

Coaching und Supervision für Scrum Master und Agile Coaches

You know the organization where you’re spreading the agile gospel. You know your methods, frameworks, and coaching basics. You know, in principle, how you want to proceed. But sometimes, things just don’t go your way:

  • Since you are a part of the organization’s system – do you still see the forest for the trees?
  • Do you have the feeling of “having tried everything” and to just be stirring the same soup over and over again?
  • Are you dealing with difficult situations and conflicts?
  • Do you want to reflect on your own actions and continuously improve your approach?

Then let me help you: Supervision doesn’t mean I’ll tell you what to do. Supervision means that I’ll be listening. I’ll show you an outside view onto your system. And as your coach, I’ll help you to develop your best next step.

Don’t just hold retrospectives for your teams. Reflect also for yourself: Supervision the retrospective you need as a coach.

Retrospectives for Your Scrum Master Team

Retrospectives for Scrum Master Teams

You’re a group of Scrum Masters or Agile Coaches? Or any other team without a dedicated Scrum Master – maybe even a group of project or line managers?

Then you’ll profit from regularly reflecting on your team’s process, and improving your collaboration: Simply, a retrospective. And it’s a good idea to get someone (me) to moderate it:

  • As someone that’s not part of your organization’s system, I give you an outside view
  • As an external moderator, I’m 100% neutral
  • I ask questions no-one in your team asks
  • I provide the space for your team members to exchange their views and experiences
  • I keep the overview over your process, while you might be busy dealing with every-day business in other teams and their processes

Make sure you can profit off of regular retrospectives, too! Improve your own approach by inviting a professional, neutral moderator. Stay the vanguard!